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The Challenges of Working as a Air Hostess

It is many young girls’ dream to become flight attendants when they grow into young women. Most fresh graduates who are looking for an exciting and well-paying job will tell you they want to become air-hostesses. Besides the beautiful uniforms and broad smiles, an air hostess gets international exposure since she deals with clients from different nationalities and goes to different destinations in the world. However, apart from all the glamour associated with this job, there are a number of challenges of working as an air hostess. Some of these challenges include:

Mental and Physical DemandsAir Hostess 02

Most air hostesses work for long hours that keep them away from their families for long. This becomes a challenge especially for girls with young children or for the newly married. As an air hostess, you may miss an opportunity to be home with your spouse and children during crucial holidays such as Easter and Christmas. Besides, it is sometimes difficult to get to know your colleagues and form meaningful friendships at work since a good number of attendants work on a part-time basis.

The physical strain of an air hostess might be a key challenge. During flights, air hostesses spend most of their time standing. For that reason, one requires lots of stamina for this role. Flights are sometimes cramped, hence limiting the working space that can be very uncomfortable and tiring to the air hostess. Besides, these attendants are in close contact with sick passengers who require emergency attention, which is an additional demand.

Career and Schedule Uncertainty

Air Hostess 01As an air hostess, one does not only deal with long working hours but also lots of schedule ambiguity. It is obviously not a 9-5 job. Sometimes air hostesses work with on-call flights, meaning they do not know until the very last minute where they will be flying to and when.

Many air hostesses are also concerned with uncertain career opportunities. Flight attendant jobs are becoming more and more limited compared to the number of qualified people. This decline in job growth limits fresh openings thus makes it harder for air hostesses to move from one company to another.

Although there are many challenges associated with working as an air hostess, it is still a good job with an opportunity for one to travel to various parts of the world. This job also comes with unique perks. However, an air hostess has to be ready for the challenges that come with the job as mentioned above.