Understanding dreams about weddings

Dreams about weddings can be very strange and disturbing. You have probably not been thinking about getting married, and then suddenly you get a dream about weddings and getting married. Most of the time, the meaning of this dream is not that you want to get married. The actual meaning of this dream is often something very different that is going on in your life. To know the true meaning of your dream about weddings, then you need to understand the exact happenings and feeling of the dream. Here are some of the things that you might experience in your dream.

Dream about weddings

Wedding dress

Dreaming about a wedding dress for a woman is all about seeking the feminine and romantic side of her. Wedding dresses are all about femininity, and if you dream about a wedding dress, you might be trying to get in touch with your feminine side. On the other hand, soñar con vestido de novia can also be a sign of anxiety and especially if you are wearing it for an appropriate occasion. If you feel the odd one out in your wedding dress, then this is a sign of stress and anxiety in your life.


Wedding veil

A wedding veil can have a positive and also a negative meaning in a dream. It all comes down to the feeling that you had in the wedding. On a negative point of view, you might be trying to conceal or hide your feelings or character from someone or even yourself. On the other hand, positively, it might be a sign of purity and innocence of the person wearing the wedding veil.

Preparing for a wedding

Preparing for a wedding has a straightforward meaning in a dream. If you see yourself preparing for a wedding in a dream, then this is a sign that you are about to take a transition in your life. Weddings are all about transitions from one mode of life to another. If you see yourself in a wedding preparation, then you are about to move on from one stage of your life to another.


Your wedding

Dreams about attending your wedding can be an indication of positive or negative things that are going on in your life. It all depends on the feeling or events that happened in your wedding. Check out for signs of happiness, anxiety, fear, boredom or even embarrassment that happened in the dream.

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