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It is a natural phenomenon for species to appear and disappear from the face of the earth. However, during the past few years, they have been disappearing at a very fast rate that has resulted in their extinction. This has raised a debate on whether humans should focus on saving endangered animals.

Is It important to Protect Endangered Species?

Preserving the lives of threatened animals normally requires billions of Endangered Species 01dollars. This a huge amount of money that most of us are not willing to let go especially for the saving of animals. .

However, we should understand that it is human activities like deforestation, poaching and commercial over-exploitation that have resulted in the extinction of these animals. Therefore, it is our responsibility to save them since we got them there in the first place.

There are a number of philosophers and scholars who have argued that, how can we save ourselves if we are incapable of saving mere animals?The ideologies and understanding that we have today on ourselves have all been derived from animals.

All is all, the biggest reason everyone should take part in saving the endangered species is mainly because of the question of balance.

What is this Question of Balance?

Endangered Species 03In the world of nature, everything is said to be interconnected or linked together. Remember that humans are a part of nature. Therefore, the extinction of a single species normally results in adverse effects on the whole balance of nature.

Some of the Most Endangered Species in the World

New studies have found out that the tiger is number one in the list of endangered species. The number of wild tigers that have been left is as few as 3200. Tigers have become extinct as a result of being poached for their skin and body parts. The skin of a tiger is usually used to make high-end fashionable clothes. The body parts, on the other hand, are widely used in parts of Asia as folk medicine.

At number two we have the polar bear that has been a victim of extinction as a result of climate change. Climate-induced habitat loss is normally caused by activities like deforestation, pollution and many others.

At number three is the Magellanic Penguin, which has gone extinct as a result of oil spills.Endangered Species 02

There are many other endangered species like the Pacific walrus, blue-fin tuna, mountain gorilla and monarchy butterfly.


It is the duty of every individual to participate in the effort of saving endangered animals. This can be done through simple actions like; learning about endangered species, using recyclable products and protecting the natural habitat of animals.

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